Drusilla Adeline (aka Sister Hyde) is a midwestern trans punk who gave up being a recording bassist, filmmaker, dirtbike racer, tire technician, editor, and open water rescue scuba diver to move out west, and became a visual artist. Or so the legend goes.

Since 2016 she has designed artwork for the Criterion Collection, A24, Arrow Video, Mondo, Paramount, and the rest of your favorites. 

She currently lends her services as an art director to GrandSon Creative.

Outside of design, Drusilla co-hosts the arthouse horror podcast BLOODHAUS alongside screenwriter Joshua Conkel. She has also served as a producer on the acclaimed Dead for Filth and It Listens From the Radio podcasts. She also makes her own pickles but that's not nearly as flashy.

Let's get in trouble.

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Golden Trailer Awards 2022 Nominee

Best Comedy Poster (Bodies Bodies Bodies)

{not actual size}