Come gather 'round the campfire and let me tell you the legend of the designer and illustrator, Drusilla Adeline [aka Sister Hyde Design]. Folks 'round these parts tell that she originates from a place in the Americas known as Indiana. Others say Florida, some even say she hails from a distant nation in Europe. Scholars debate

the year of her birth, but it is speculated that she is somewhere between 22 and 176 years of age. Though, records confirm that in the early 21st century she journeyed west across the Americas, as far as the roads would take her, ending in the City of Angels. It was there that her lifelong love of moving pictures and design became intertwined. She found work as a lead in-house designer, conquered an entire calendar year of original fan posters, one designed per diem, and ventured into the wide unknown of freelancing. In this wild terrain, she designed original posters and artwork for theatrical one sheets, blu-rays, records, and more. Her clients included Paramount, Kino Lorber, Altered Innocence, 88 Films Ltd., Toei, among others. And she's still there to this very day. Freelancing for clients and agencies as they come. They say that you can even occasionally catch a glimpse of her on a moonlit night, not unlike tonight, working to beat back the dawn, somewhere in Southern California. The sound of post-punk and new wave records off in the distance, bright blonde hair and a black shall blowing in the warm winds.....

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